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Who Am I?

I'm Sarah, a perinatal psychologist, mother, and lover of axolotls

(like, a lot - you can peek a tattoo of one in my photo).

A perinatal psychologist is someone who focuses on parents, babies, and the whole family unit as one, and I define the perinatal period from pre-conception to about three years postnatal. I believe that the postnatal period really lasts forever!

I first started my career working in education and community settings supporting children and their families, and I soon realised that I really loved working with parents and improving their relationship with their children. I work from an attachment informed, developmental and relational framework. That means that I always put relationships first, and I acknowledge that becoming a parent takes time, and it changes with each new experience. It's an identity that grows over a long period and is different for all of us. 

I'm also deeply invested in supporting parents who are neurodivergent, or neurodivergent questioning. That includes all disabilities and differences. My main priority in therapy with neurodivergent clients is to provide creative, neuroaffirming therapy that meets your own individual needs, not what *I* think you need.

I am Autistic ADHD myself so I have lived experience alongside my clinical experience and knowledge.

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